In Him Are All the Treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge

Hearts Strong and True

That One day when nations are gathered we might lived as One man. With a sure confidence, strength and resolve to honor the King who rules above all. Kenya you remain the springboard of revival in so much as you remain in heart and mind committed to God and Jesus Christ our Lord.


Let Go

Pardon me? Absolve from payment, exempt from damages. Grant relief, yield to another. Excuse my offence. Let go. Release the grip, let loose the hold on sin; take up the mercies of God. Make me free!

Degrees of Desperation

That there is no more hope for our youth is a falsehood. That desperation is reaching astronomical heights will never surpass the love that reigns from the highest heavens. We have a choice to make; whether we will pursue or push aside the very heart of our youth.

Invalauble Commitment

Nothing so lofty as love seems to has failed so miserably in all the endeavors of mankind. The foundations of marriage and family are being eroded and blasted away by socio-economic and cultural trends that treasure tech over tradition. How I thank God for a fairy tale this past valentines, a reminder that it pays to wait and trust in God. A call to love as Christ loved and even gave himself; beloved, LOVE NEVER FAILS!

Prisoners of Hope

In lieu of the 2017 elections it is pertinent that we hear from those prisoners who gave life and limb hopeful that this nation might become a stronghold of freedom, a bastion for Pan-African thought and reality. Josiah Mwangi Kariuki is one such individual whose charisma, determination and service are well worth celebrating in a time so desperate for leaders who love people and love God.

Secret Service

To be drawn with cords of everlasting love, by kindness fastened into compassion's band. There is a secret service that is constrained by the ultimate expression of Calvary which holds captive the hearts of men. Have you known Him who is Love and will your service exude the rapturous worship that He alone deserves?

What are we fighting for? We seem to have no shortage of demonstrators and activists. Yet too little is directed towards building the very body politic and it organization under a single government. We seem to be independent tribes averse to nationhood. In this 3 part Mashujaa Day special we begin a three part commentary by looking back at the birth of Kenya and trace the mission for a Nation State.

While the separation of Church and State is assumed we the people have maintained that it is better worship on our knees the God who brings down nations and causes Kingdoms to stand. This is the first in a series of expositions on the divine mandate given my land, the nation of Kenya.

Praise in Light of Nature

A harmony in nature exists to the praise of God from whom all blessings flow. Science has only recently begun to understand what scriptures inspiration has identified as the basic blocks of an indescribable, complete and marvelous work. Guess what you're his masterpiece!

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