In Him Are All the Treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge

What are we fighting for? We seem to have no shortage of demonstrators and activists. Yet too little is directed towards building the very body politic and it organization under a single government. We seem to be independent tribes averse to nationhood. In this 3 part Mashujaa Day special we begin a three part commentary by looking back at the birth of Kenya and trace the mission for a Nation State.

While the separation of Church and State is assumed we the people have maintained that it is better worship on our knees the God who brings down nations and causes Kingdoms to stand. This is the first in a series of expositions on the divine mandate given my land, the nation of Kenya.

Praise in Light of Nature

A harmony in nature exists to the praise of God from whom all blessings flow. Science has only recently begun to understand what scriptures inspiration has identified as the basic blocks of an indescribable, complete and marvelous work. Guess what you're his masterpiece!

Judas Kiss

Where your treasure is there your heart shall be, it is hard to talk of love without money. Oh, to loose all for wealth; to give wealth for all. A purview of the scandal within the Lord's final days from the eyes of Judas, whose bishopric was made empty and another took up. Asking today how much is Jesus worth to you and me?

The Elements

A view into the upper room, around the Lord's table. We welcome you to fellowship with the King's own; to enjoy the presence of Divine Majesty. Peace and Love!

To know the fellowship of His sufferings, the center piece of all things is the greatest sacrifice God gave. Let us come with boldness to that place outside the camp, to that altar where we can be made.

Servant of God

Let a little water be brought, know beloved that you have a part in Him who washes by Word and Water; draw near by the sprinkling of His blood. To Him who having received all things, disrobed to pour water on your feet..

God is Love; His Heart towards Us

You have heard it said that the scriptures are a love letter from the Father. I find they are much more. Still we stress more the extent we have love for him yet no epistles living can attest fully the... Continue Reading →


We have wrestled with meaning and reality like the fools with sand castles of marriages and institutions, governments and constitutions. So man-u-factured that fractures are tearing through the very edifices we expect to build lofty towers that glorify only Babylon... Continue Reading →

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