God asks you to forsake all sin in you and in others since His mercies cannot forsake you. How simple a truth but how callous our hearts? We feel so often more offended by sin than God himself. It’s as though our person, nature and worth are made void by the offence of another. When truly it is emptied by our own. How could they do that to me? So easily we forget that all sin is against God first, who alone has the right to be offended by it. We have missed the mark, gone astray, corrupted our ways and all this in light of His Word and Law and Nature.

Forgive us this day our trespasses…

Why they are indeed ours, they also detract from the worth He has placed in us and violates the standards to preserve it. We come to him, unearthing that ill, revealing those wounds that damage us more than they do Him. His balm pours sweetly, His oil dripped gently on all our infirmity. Why because He delights in mercy. So often we play out the story of the traveller on Jericho’s road. At times as the thieves who bring pain and hurt. Even as whole nations and communities; whenever we plunder and abuse those who are weak and lowly, just because they are. Most often we are the affected passers-by who see the wounds, but skirt around it; just as we skirt around our own hurts. I would never be out that late, He must not know this area well. I could not be in such as position are the justification why we cover up. Tho’ before God we are regularly the traveller, perhaps on the wrong way. Beaten and battered by life, the wages of wrong decisions even a propensity to sin. Maybe compelled by circumstances to inflict on oneself bruises that might numb the suffering? Pressing so deep and gripping so tight that thing that happened until the lowly Samaritan asks us to let go. Lifts us from the thing that held us and bears us away to a freedom and rest.

Blessed are the merciful for they shall be shown mercy.

God is always our Good Samaritan. Who sees our wounds and rushes to bind us up, washing them clean. Who knows how critical the offence can be and acts speedily to succour the suffering. Even as we writhe in pain at times to hide the scars yet he tends our hurts and hearts all the more softly. Why? He delights in mercy. Being moved with compassion, knowing intimately just how great the trauma He delights in releasing us from all pain. Certain that only that will restore my worth, renew my nature and make complete my person. How desperately we need this as individuals, simply to let go within us and towards others. What would our society look like if we let go of every injustice, every hurt and offence? When our scars would know the kisses of those who caused them. How great the bandages of historical injustice, tribal and clan feuds; generational pains that would melt away in the clemency of the Father of mercies. Oh that God would make us lowly ministers of this reconciliation that trumps judgement (James 2:13), that loves mercy and delights in it.

…As we forgive all those who trespass against us.

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