Few things have kept intercessors in their closets. My heart’s desire is that God himself will impress this on you more than these words. Perhaps we do not yet see how desperate the need is. If cheating is the only way our youth imagine to get ahead; dropping out is set at par with suicidal thoughts for lack of mwaks. The exponential growth in betting and gaming is simply one part of the society consuming another. Making light of desperation for revenues sake. It has not helped that the very vehicles designed to harness the vitality of youth are themselves compromised. The feature film stunts being performed by ordinary Kenyan youth just to get a job must then shake us from slumber to act and put feet to our prayers.


James Bond ‘Meru’ edition.


What would allow hardcore criminals to remain at large having gang raped and tied to the tracks for dead a young lady? Gang culture, Gaza-Gully remain desperate cries for help that our society continues to remain deaf to. Kenya your daughters are working counters in strip clubs and you have no qualms about it? If 400,000 abortions a year is not enough to fall on your knees for him then maybe the ratchet lewdness of rugby orgies is? What choices have we left? You’ve made it harder still for my lack of experience, naivety and questionable track record. Degrees themselves make weightier the bane of this desperation which cannot break through stringent social strata. Worse still our papers being fraudulent the joke is still on us. Strung out on poisonous drinks and drugs; how many will still be stumbling at midday before it begins to touch us?

Dignity at the expense of life
Dignity at the expense of shame
Dignity at the expense of humanity.

A ticking time bomb, so betrayed. So accustomed to problems, so set in the way things have been and will be. Maisha ni ngumu! Eee tuna kazana! We have been taught to scam and cheat with the best, we owe it up to you. You failed to show us how to do the simple things correct. To pursue integrity, to walk right in a perverse generation. To respond with a steadfast conviction that the is a way that seems right but the end leads only to death. You know a youth you need to pursue, who needs to be guided and counselled, held and raised to maturity. There is so much to do! Please do your part and we all will endeavour to do ours. Refuse to recline into the fallacy that it’s past repair, the loss is too great or nothing can be done. We might yet add to the remnant a disparate youth; given to serving their generation. May the good Lord grace you with a burden to labour earnestly for my generation.

God is still love for the addict relapsing, for the runaway, for the delinquent, the despised, the abused, the damaged, the lost, the hurt and every dysfunction. For the simple reason that He gave His Son in our stead.

But Jesus said, “Allow the children, and do not forbid them to come to me, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”