What value have you placed on that commitment? I am tired of hearing how terrible things are, how there are no longer any good girls or faithful brothers; how cheap and gold digging our whole society has become. The intrigues of so and so will never cease to find new expression over the already harangued airwaves of secular radio. How we respond to this is particularly important as believers in the Christ.

Social media has been abuzz with the recent 100/- KSH union of two love-birds in a local Nairobi Church. Reactions ranged from how ridiculous to how wonderful a union the two youth have entered into. This from a society where kamwestay rites are blessed by parents whose commitments have seen silver anniversaries. Even men of the cloth seem to honour these contraptions which have an expiry date too close to manufacture. Yet the ceremony between Wilson and Ann Wanjohi stood as a sanctified matrimony between them. Despite the many who are not thus joined claiming to be the wifey or hubby of so and so. Their sacrament was administered during a regular Sunday service and their joy was evident; with matching shirts and jeans they exchanged vows with 50 KSH rings as a token of their commitment. A commitment I believe they valued much too much to hold off or fail to officiate before the body of Christ, regardless of the societal pressures to do so. Indeed they became in all ways a man and wife despite being unable to splash the resources necessary for a full-blown celebration. Yet what exactly were they rejoicing in? Save having one another and that before God and His people. Have we forgotten the meaning of those vows voluntarily taken and their gravity as stated by Jesus Christ? Being one flesh joined by God and no longer two, which none should put asunder (Matt 19:4-6). Indeed wedlock seems archaic in our society. We have not allowed the full expression of this wonderful mystery to bear the espousal and nuptial weight demanded for marriage seeing we short change it for the fireworks of a white tv wedding. Yet man and wife became one even without an honorarium for the presiding minister, the Church itself provided the certificates. The two that evening consummated after a simple supper of parched meal and kales.


Ugali Skuma, the East African staple; Invaluable Commitment is this to marriage. 


The Church must remain steadfast in upholding the sanctity of heterosexual marriage. We cannot speak about love before we speak and witness commitment; perhaps there lacked the fiscal resources required but all this was made up for a willingness to enter connubial bliss with the Father’s blessing. In no way does this suggest that one is cheap but valued so highly as to build a friendship, a future and a family on the reverence of God. For whatever lacked in the wedding ceremony must have surely been met by hymeneal refrains in the heavenlies. What a challenge for us to build marriages that last on Him who is everlasting. Beyond contracts accepted by the state but commitments sustained and celebrated by God!

Surely all persons deserve nothing less. You are too valuable to be reduced to a part-time, half-hearted relationship at the convenience of another. Since holding one’s peace will scarcely withstand anything less; so allow me to stand up with a reason why any two should not be joined together it must be worthless commitment. Whether a bigger wedding should have followed or not does not in my view devoid the former or belittle the commitment first established. That will be determined by the wonderful premium God himself sets on marriage;

19 And I will betroth you to me forever. I will betroth you to me in righteousness and in justice, in steadfast love and in mercy.

20 I will betroth you to me in faithfulness. And you shall know the Lord.

Hosea 2:19-20 (ESV)

The highest purpose of marriage is to become more like Christ, to raise people who will raise people in His likeness. I urge you to join me in praying for theirs and all the unions committed to the counsel and teaching of scripture.