Return to your stronghold, O prisoners of hope;
today I declare that I will restore to you double.
Zechariah 9:12 (ESV)

Our leaders must realize that we have put them where they are, not to satisfy their ambitions nor so that they can strut about in fine clothes and Cadillacs as ambassadors and ministers, but to create a new Kenya in which everyone will have an opportunity to educate himself to his fullest capabilities, in which no one will die or suffer through lack of medical facilities, and in which each person will earn enough to eat for himself and his family. This will require responsible leadership, hard work, unity, honesty and a sincere love of our country in all our hearts.’ J.M.K1.

This man 14 times detained for his nationalist stance understood much better than our entire generation what is takes to create a nation, ‘the fetters were replaced and as we shuffled off to our food they clinked and tinkled like the bells used in church, bells of tears, sobbing for the afflictions of our people.2’ It is still time to build, no election should suggest otherwise, indeed too many are writhing from affliction and shackled in locally manufactured imperial calamities. For which reason scripture calls for leaders to come from among ones people, meaning a nation of farmers and small holders will benefit from a leadership acquiescent to its populace. David was therefore taken as a shepherd to feed Israel according to the integrity of his heart and skilfulness of his hands (Psalms 78:71-72). We cannot give Kenya to law makers without respect for law order. That we can still realize the Kenya incubated in the furnace of detention and birthed through a laborious emergency. Which stood out as a beacon for Pan-African liberation across the globe we must again confess with our father that service to ones country is service to God.


Should we sell this nation we have sold our hearts for ambition at the expense of its people of our families and the generations to come. The commitment of true patriots like Kariuki knew that revenge will soil Kenya leaving only cadavers for foul carrion vultures. Against which they fought against all odds, hoping against hope to liberate our nation from the colour bar. It seems today we have a tribal bar against our hearts and lives. Even as the banners are raised for war and the political temperatures only precipitate ominous harbingers, let us think again how shamefully we have accommodated that sin on-line, in the pews, the bustops, at work and play even at the door so ready to devour us. Disunity denies independence just as it delayed the same. We fighting amongst ourselves even fighting for mine guarantees we will always be enemies blinded sine qua non a tribal image of politicians3.

Who is that leader who need not depend on any political party. Who does not speak of his people as an ethnic grouping of which they are spokesmen. Who knows no tribe, no race, bears no hatred or malice of the past? Who sees all as his people, his children all fellows human beings to love and cherish, to correct if they do wrong, to praise if they do right.
Having enough, opportunities and ambition are contingent on responsible leadership, hard work and sincere love. For the love of God, for country do choose the right king.

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