That men would become stealers of others, trading souls in subservience to their maker was not hidden from the Father of Spirits. We have often used those in our ‘service’ unlawfully, denying them fundamental rights and privileges. Trading their time for wages less than minimum. Yet we swear slavery is archaic but deny our handmaids, shambaboys and even relatives the dignity all persons deserve. How I pray that from these we would learn something about secret service.


Chains by BaldRick


Exodus 21 begins with instructions on how to handle a slave, indeed no Israelite was to be a slave among his people, however, even then life happened. This individual should be offered freedom from whatever debt or infraction that precipitated their state no sooner than seven years. Even so on the seventh, they had a choice to make. To remain in eternal servility or take the freedom presented them. At which point one would burst free or say, ‘Lord, I choose to serve than live free.’ Not valuing the lands sown with blood and tears, hands calloused for garments to be spotless, nights restless for our comfort even sons and daughters nourished; a vow to be selfless. Service takes a different dimension when we look at the words used in the Hebrew.

And if the servant shall plainly say, I love my master, my wife, and my children; I will not go out free: Exodus 21:5 (King James Version)

A slave is (עֶבֶד) obed, that is a servant. Whose work or service is (עבדה) avodah. Indeed there is nothing done without an end, no action that does not tend towards serving one thing or another. Withal a richer devotion is needed for Lord’s handmaid. When God calls us He removes all things that would keep us from serving him, thoughts, desires, drives even motives are brought to him. Lives are given and removed from the mastery of another into the Lordship of Jesus the Risen Christ. For himself did all things in service to the Father, His birth, death; eating or the denial thereof. Whatever He did or declined to do was entirely subject to His Father. It is He who calls us to take willingly the cords of love, the bands of compassion to be our new estate. Away from self-service but by His own goodness to surrender to the fetters of grace, the constraints of mercy and His bands of Love!

We belong to Him who purchased us for himself

This was not strange to the Apostles who did not shy away from being called (δουλος) bond-servants of the Lord. As the Lord’s freemen indebted only to love! Truly this affected their ministry, their service even their worship. How I pray it would change out own. What is your reasonable act of service, knowing that His Sovereign Majesty having received all authority stooped down to wash the feet of his followers and all of us in His own blood. Indeed even in majesty, the same girdle is today about Him who ever lives to make intercession for us. We are reminded today to move from self-service to appreciating why we were set apart even why we are saved. Can a secret service of the Spirit be given to Our Master that would so enrich our nation, continent and globe so desperate for good and faithful servants. I pray the walls might come down, our ears and hearts will bid His call to serve Him and His people.