I had the unusual pleasure of sharing a commute with an ardent Rasta of Kikuyu descent. Amidst the pledges to His Imperial Majesty Haille Selassie and laurels for puffing Sativa. He provoked earnest thought and questions as he poured out his view on liberation and culture. Outside being able to trace his ancestry until the Kikuyu Eden of Mukuruwe wa Nyagathaga he showed that in no way can you claim a knowledge of God when a joint will keep him away. He lauded the efforts of Dedan Wacuiri Kimathi who presented the uniforms of soldiers who went missing on the eve of the coronation of Her Majesty the Queen of England. Something he attributed to a heart-stopping shock and consternation of her Kings Armed Rifles.

He provoked me no doubt. The ‘reserves’ for which our flag is colored red are remains of the big man little boy society that blinks at squatters and cringes past IDP’s. Not all is fair in war but love conquers all. Yet we have often found truth, justice, and reconciliation enigmatic for the simple reason that our faith is often alien to its commission. That is why this Shujaa day I would like that we recall again those who we can indeed fête as heroes of this nation and the Kingdom of our Lord. When interviewed my Rasta claimed that the answer to three critical questions were enough to warrant Kimathi as a Saviour and Kenyatta as a Ngati (Home Guard or Loyalist). Simply because Kenyatta wanted equal rights for Africans and settlers, their estates maintained and the Kenya police retained. So subjective is our judgment on these issues and folklore notwithstanding we should be able as redeemed and conscientious believers to look critically at the past and clearly into our future as a Nation State. We will in this first segment preview a few of those individuals who are not as pronounced as the Internationally recognized Field Marshal yet provide equal impetuous to our state as a nation.

Transport. (War and Conflict) Military Aircraft. pic: circa 1950. The British Avro “Lincoln” bomber “Thor II” drops a stick of bombs. The “Lincoln”, a four engined bomber first flew in 1944, and was the RAF’s last piston-powered bomber to be built.

General  George Erskine who understood the extremes of British occupation of Kenya stood in opposition to the extra-judicial detention and killing. He believed that medals should not be awarded for murder and mutilation. Amongst the documents in Kimathi’s declassified file was a notice offering total pardon for all fighters should they surrender. However he cold not withstand the tide of violence that would later haunt the empire. Her Majesty’s official statistics on fatalities amounted to 32 settlers, 200 British, 1,800 Ngatis versus 300,000 insurgents. There is no such thing as casual punishment. About 1,800 Kikuyu were killed by their own in suspicion of violating the oath that became a tag-line for the rebellion. Treason was the charge that befell untold numbers who pledged allegiance to the Cross greater worth than the Muma (oath) sworn before Ngai the Creator God of the Agikuyu.

Denis Lowell Pritt, Fritz de Souza and Achroo Kapila template what it means to offer legal council to servicemen who have no thanks from their masters. Even when justice was claimed to be brought right down to the grass-roots. What would otherwise cause them to become hedonistic mercenaries? Where are the reliable men and women who will bring service to all and that in honor of God and man?

Whose interest is the state?

Only he whose view is not prejudiced nor privatized. Only sober education will tune askew morality. Else the machinations of power will tend further to corrupt absolutely, what mercy has the prisoner or inmate? What rights are given offenders of law and order? Has their humanity lost value and earned the abuses denied even a beast? By virtue of ethnicity, sex or standing justice cannot give sound judgment. Much more for those who tread the hallowed ground of Calvary will there be a demand for mercy towards and for others. We are asking today where was the Church in our State of Emergency? We are asking today where is the Church in our State and has she forgotten her mission?

Do you know any unsung founders we must add to our discussion? Send them here and we will in Part 2 delve deeper into A Misson e-State.