The Preamble of the Constitution of Kenya states that, “We the people of Kenya acknowledging the supremacy of the Almighty God of all creation..Adopt enact and give this constitution to ourselves and to our future generations. God Bless Kenya. (1)” Despite that Chapter 1 clause 8 states that there shall be no state religion, yet the anthem our sonorous national symbol stands again to affirm the supremacy of God mentioned in the preamble. We have made a law, given it to ourselves and failed to uphold it in honor of the God from whom all law and truth emanate.

kenya finger print from pixabay
Are you praying for a nation with the prints of God on it. Credits

This document has numerous flaws yet is agreed upon as the legislation by democratic rule; a rebellious land has many princes (Pro. 28:2), its rulers speak ill about one another (Exo. 22:28) their integrity is wanting with respect to Chapter 6 of the said constitution. Ulf Ekman addresses this in response to the secret of lawlessness 2 Thessalonians 2:7 indeed towards ushering in the man of lawlessness. Turning away from God and His Word sets the stage for total defiance and rebellion characteristic of the Anti-Christ. God is not only political He is the Sovereign King of Kings with thousands upon thousands waiting on Him; He stands in judgement with judges himself perfect in every decision to which we will all be held culpable in Word and deed (Matt. 12:36).

Ekman says, ‘We owe the government; taxes, respectable lifestyles and active and committed citizenship. While to God we owe our full devotion, love, loyalty and obedience. (2)’ We live in nations as citizens of the Kingdom of God. The Church must therefore further the Kingdom of God before those of this world by preaching the full Gospel, feeding the body of Christ. She must also wage war spiritually for the rule and dominion of God against forces of evil in the heavenlies (Eph. 6:12). Finally, she must prophesy to the authorities and government the will and purpose of God (Hos. 4:1-6). Where God’s people perish for lack of knowledge comes as a specific application to the clergy. Perhaps the life of the late Mzee Galana who composed the musical score alongside five government-appointed ministers can attest to the successes and failures of various administrations since Kenya became a republic. We must ensure the liturgy is observed in all arms of government, no secular   state is immune too the shaking and birth pangs that all the world must endure. Judgement of the nations is coming in Revelation by the Sword of the Spirit. There is no greater or lesser evil when the nations arise in judgement be they Nineveh, Sodom, 1st century Palestine or 21st century Kenya. Except following the resurrection of Jesus and the ministry of the Gospel.

‘O God of all creation, Bless this our land and nation. Justice be our shield and defender. May we dwell in unity peace and liberty, Plenty be found within our borders.’

To the Creator, Maker of Heaven and Earth, by whom and through whom all things are and have their being; who by the Word of His power sustains all things do we ask for blessing. Since He separated the land and sea and set out the borders and markers for each and the tongues, tribes nations of all people from one man (Acts 17:26) in whom we all live and move. Who satisfies every living thing yet needing nothing, giving life and placing before us a blessing or curse; we pray the blessing, let us choose the Blessed One, His way and life. In judgement knowing neither the great or the least but God who himself is a shield and buckler to all who trust in Him. Who makes peace between man and himself; whose truth alone grants liberty. I pray we all will remember God who gives seed, increase, rain, fecundity and abundance by His Grace.

Thanks be to God, His mercy endures forever!

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