Sun, water, air, plants, food resources and gifts, even gravity. These gifts are from God. From knitting us in the womb to ordaining praise from our mouths as babes, His mighty hand measures the breadth of the universe. The same mighty God lays his hand upon us. That even the lowest of all creation would ascribe greatness, GOD alone is worthy.

The unfathomable heavens pay testament to the unsearchable greatness of God. Psalms 145:3.

David a shepherd king, a psalmist. Allowing the Lordship of God in you to be raised towards God. As what is right towards God. Even Praise belongs to Him, just as all else. Being in Christ you are his praise, newborn anointed, accepted the Praise of God. By virtue that you breathe be-live-give-thanks. Reflect His nature in worship led life. Man has been placed by God a little lower than angels, crowned with glory and honor (Ps 8:4). You have dominion over the works of His hands and all these things are beneath your feet (Ps 8:6).

Praise Yah.
Praise Yahweh from the heavens;
praise him in the heights.
Praise him, all his angels;
praise him, all his hosts.
Praise him, sun and moon;
praise him, all stars of light.
Praise him, ⌞highest heavens⌟,
and waters above the heavens.
Psalms 148:1-4

(The Lexham English Bible)

What can’t your praise change?

Indescribable best describes the beauty in all creation. A universe so expansive telling of His glory as they pour out speech continually revealing what they know, we can only revere our amazing God (Ps 19:1-3). There is (only recently proven by science) a song of praise and worship inaudible to natural ears. A symphony from the minutest to galactic in perfect harmony for a perfect God.


The store houses of snow bear treasures of crystals all unique from every other (Job 38.22)

A chorus resounds! His creation sings; mountains and hills, trees and floods. The birds do sing, their songs are in fact triggers to what has been termed a sonic bloom. Psalms 148:4, 10 and Psalm 104:12. These vibrations have an effect on earth, seeds and other life in that they promote more abundant plant life. Music played to plants has improved their health and yields Micheal Holtz views the bird’s song among the pieces in the puzzle of the seed germination and plant growth. Music has such an effect also on human beings in that it has long been used as therapeutic for disorders ranging from psychiatric to cognitive challenges. There must be more to music than just a pleasant sound. Deaf people can experience music by using hollow objects, some of the greatest composers were deaf but managed without sound to connect.


As your Name, is Elohim so is your Praise! All creation is an expression of our excellent God! His creation reveals His glory and declares His grace (Psalms 19) He spared no thought, atom, colour or form. The very heavens pour forth speech and proclaim His works. His perfection, wisdom, power, grace and awesome love. Every star he calls by name, Pastor Louis Giglio taught that the silence in space is actually full of perpetual praise. Each celestial body releases a resonance, a vibration in tune with all creation.

Inside the Orion Nebula, Reinhold Wittich, NASA