A Picture of the torment that Jesus experienced for us all, with the help of His Word and His Spirit let us enter His wounds.

‘Watch with me,’ distressed, a most restless night in the shade of Gethsemane no comfort could be found. Trembling and groans overcame our Lord. When sleep overtook His closest companions did a great sorrow overtake Him. Sweat beads bursting capillaries in intercession poured the first drops of the Lambs blood to cover our shame in the garden. Our Father heard His cry and sent an angel to minister unto the Son. From a full cup of God’s wrath He would drink into the Fathers will.

Armed they came against Him in that midnight hour, ‘I am He.’ They fell flat at the presence of God until again He inquired of them, ‘whom are you seeking?’ Then the Son humbled himself laying down His life and they led Him into the court of the High Priest, then into the hands of the rulers of the day. By the authority of God were His arms bound, they shackled Jesus and scourged Him until every bone could be counted, flesh tore in chunks surely He bore our infirmities in every stroke of the whip. The legionnaires flagrum (short whip with bits of metal and bone on the ends of leather thongs) tearing open Our Lord’s shoulders, back and legs. Each successive stroke pulling away more tissue than the former, bursting open arteries. Flesh first hung in ribbons then shred into an unrecognizable mass of torn bleeding tissue.

Broken on the floor in HIs precious blood they robed Him in mockery and rejection. With no one to help the Gift of heaven became least of all, even counted among the transgressors. Placing a stick for a scepter in His hand, thorns for a crown piercing his brow, the Prince of Peace bore all our griefs before the judgement throne of God. Striking Him on the face driving deeper still the thorns into his scalp they stripped bare the clot on His back revealing raw flesh that bore all condemnation. A barrage of insults betwix blows the taste of blood on the Messiah rose but His lips remained closed before His shearers.

Pressed He was to the limits of human suffering whilst the strong bulls of Bashan encircled Him. He was crushed by the Father such that there was no man as marred as He.

Thirst seared on the ascent to Golgotha as the wrath of Almighty God drew desperately nigh, slumped under the weight of the rugged cross did my High Priest fall The rough wood splintering His lacerated shoulders and back, physical shock and blood loss weakening every step along the Via Dolorosa. Simon bore the cross when Jesus’ vigor waned, still my Lover rose. Wine and myrrh to dull His pain He refused, choosing to surrender all that we might gain.

By early morning the ascent to the mound drew to a close. Simon drops the cross and the Lord is strewn across it. On finding a depression in His wrist the hammer clangs as the sacrifice is tied unto the alter, pierced through His hands and feet. The Father’s Only Begotten hung with arms outstretched His feet having to press up on the nail to draw a breath when His chest compressed from being slung on the cross. Heaving passionately upwards against a goring barrage and the nails between His joints all heaven refused to shine when the Father forsook the Son. Pain drowned Him as darkness overcame all creation. Amidst spasms, cramps and agony He drew enough painful breath to; pray forgiveness, promise a repentant thief paradise and commit both His beloved and mother to one another.

The King's Crown by Saviourmachine
The King’s Crown by Saviourmachine

A sponge atop a reed for refreshing they served Him vinegar to relieve His suffering whilst gall consumed Him that knew no sin. Stripped yet again for flesh to rub against the cross. Staining the grain of wood He wailed with pain beyond the physical realm. His sacred heart like wax in the fury of the most Holy God. The Lamb that was slain before the foundations of the world cried, ‘it is finished!’ And gave up the Ghost unto the Fathers hands.

Between His ribs a cold blade pierced. The same did spear the very Heart of God from whence water and blood poured, evidence that the Christ died of a broken heart even before there came a need to break His knees.

Let no man trouble you for you bear the marks of the Lord Jesus Christ.


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