Gen 24, Isaiah 42:1-9, 18-20, Romans 1:5

Praise Jesus by whom the weak things will bring those that are lifted up to naught. Only God can take; a maidservant and make a nation, a man to have tenancy and dominion over all creation being placed only slightly lower than angels. This is the pleasure of God, to maul 1,000 with the jawbone of a donkey, to use praise to tear down walls. Sons in bondage to speak into the generations the very words of God.

The same God of Abraham, was delighted to grant His servant the promise for all Israel, the salvation and prosperity of His entire linage that would come through His seed. See the father of faith prostrate on the ground before the Father, all things exposed, none held back. He believed God and it was accounted to Him as righteousness. Despite laughter at the promise, Abraham stood by God and held fast to He that had promised, for He is faithful to complete it. He watches over that to ensure that it prospers in the very thing He sent it out to do. Such that on the alter on Mount Moriah it pleased God more that Abraham obeyed than made a sacrifice. Every servant of God was brought to most humbling meekness, Isaiah naked for three years, nutty Nebuchadnezzar in the wilderness for seven, Jesus unto death on the cross.

Beloved we stand because the Lord makes us stand.

Gen 43:24, John 13:5.
Let a little water be brought, By Kyouko Takara

The Lord is my help; like Eliezer of Damascus the chief of the servants, the least among you can only be the greatest. Prepared to exact the bidding of His master by sovereign oath, a sure covenant on the generations prior, present and promised. Hagar on the other hand, self promoting and un-submissive did bring forth a degree of suffering. Eliezer remained prepared to the extent that Abraham’s cause was His very own, surely it was for the angel of the Lord went ahead of Him to prepare the way. Before completing prayer He managed to secure the very thing sought of His master. Almighty God will not do anything without showing it to His servants the prophets. This is our standard as servants that not the word of men would come, but the Word of the Lord would come to you through the most inordinate vessels, even a donkey. Bearing His yoke that is light, since the Master took my burdens I can sing that no longer am I barren. For not a dot in the law was left out but all was totally met in Jesus who came not to do His own will but that of the Father. That meant becoming the very least of all, carrying the entire wrath upon His person being the broken man for fallen humanity.

He is our measure.

Most gracious God be feared, for nothing is withheld from you. Remaining most patient with all of us that would remain indebted to you for Master we all have fallen short of your glory. Be feared for your love that covers a multitude of transgression, you have forgiven us. My sins and lawless deeds you remember no more. The why we believe God and it can today be accounted to us as righteousness. Beloved for nothing else be compelled to serve God not because you love Him but He first loved you. Servants of God, know today your portion of manifold mercies and unfailing love by hearty forgiveness shall not be revoked, that you might be presented to the Father as good and faithful servants. Like Eliakim a robe and scepter, the glory and presence an eternal assurance with fruits of holiness unto the Father of eternity, surely the Lord will raise us up. Father in holding us and helping us to do your bidding let us serve. Not only for this but to bear your Name, to stand in your congregation, to be numbered, to enter your rest in obeisance such that all will see that among these there are children in continual service unto their Father. All will know as Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah, and Daniel that they humbled themselves before the Lord alone. Having alms in both ears to the doorpost that is the narrow way of the cross of Our Lord Jesus. Waiting on every Word that comes to bless us out of Zion’s most Holy ground, go do whatever He says because freedom is meaningless without Him. Our new covenant obedience servants of the Most High is to the faith. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we have received grace and apostleship, for the obedience to the faith among all nations for His name.

For even on your servants Lord have you poured out your Spirit, being fully equipped to complete every good and perfect work in the most plenteous harvest. Has He said these signs will follow they that believe? Has He promised to give the nations, has He called you? There has not failed a Word of your promise.

All glory and honor belongs to you for all eons.