We have wrestled with meaning and reality like the fools with sand castles of marriages and institutions, governments and constitutions. So man-u-factured that fractures are tearing through the very edifices we expect to build lofty towers that glorify only Babylon scream impending collapse. How ficle have we made man kind? The very stones of neo-colonialist modernity scream transience just as the latest news and tech change on the hour. Without a witness to hold sure throughout this fleeting existence we remain subject to the buffet of time and change. Yet we readily pilgrimage to the sand dunes of humanist ideologies that we fashion as mountains. It would seem therefore that for resolve the ancients were better off than we who are fed of social media feeds and popular culture. Yet we expect of their caps to drink sweet waters, they have only poisoned global society. We still cusp hands to be refreshed by degenerate morality and trumped up philosophies, thus the progress of man is more deviloution as opposed to the populist claims. Will we take shelter in the shanties of mortal man or in the courts of the Father in Heaven?
Without respect for the God who makes certain that as long as the earth remains seed time and harvest shall be in place. We have taken it upon ourselves to make the seeds we will, above the design of the Creator God. The sea is his and he made it, his hands formed the dry land.

Let us inquire of Him and those who walked and lay prostrate before His majesty. Before alters un-hewn were the stones of Israel drenched in blood and water, clad with fire and ash. Memorials to the immutability of the God they were led to worship in the wilderness. In deed the rock on which the son of promise was laid as that which Jacob rested upon, to that which led Israel through the wilderness is one; where Moses was hid in the cleft to see the glory of the Great I AM.

The Rock that Is Higher than me, By WiciaQ
The Rock that Is Higher than me, By WiciaQ

By the Rock of ages did Cephas receive insight to the revelation upon which the church was built. If the foundations are destroyed what can the righteous do? For too long have we entertained sandy constructions of pretentious half truths. Perpetual escapism from the permanence of God has clouded our receipt of enduring truth. A morass of half baked and convenient faith has made the unbreakable scriptures more a fashion item than the true article. My prayer is that this platform will be faithful to the only foundation there is in the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To publish from his mine the truths of his kingdom and majesty, that the furtherance thereof may be realized. That as surely as the earth was rent by the angel who rolled away the stone on his tomb we too will uncover the light and life of men. From shadowy glimpses of the one anointed to preach the gospel to the poor we will encounter him who heals the broken-hearted, to experience liberty in his eternal life.

To return again in these most turbulent of times to the rock rejected and refused that the entire may be surely built up by that capstone who in our eyes remains wonderful. To leave the boisterous turbulence of the modern age to the constance of the Everlasting Father. From the flux of market prices and instability towards shelter in the unmoved mover; that we too will not greatly be moved. To have our vessels of earth struck by the rock that consumes all other kingdoms, which is itself is to make streams in the wilderness and become those precious stones reflecting light and life. As hearts not of stone but welling up from the belly with living waters regenerating wholly to serve righteousness. To be made the pillars in his house, those buildings of the Lord perfected for him. That as that building was destroyed and built up a new after the same plan will we work, leaving nothing but completing all by the Gracious hand of the master builder. Being made living stones, in a living building for a living God.

Lean today, more than ever on the Rock of Salvation out of the depths of your heart, speak these words..
Merciful Saviour, I confess my sins against you.
I accept that you were punished in my place, that I may be forgiven.
You were bruised that I may be healed.
Come into my heart, make it yours, be my Lord and Saviour in Jesus Name.

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